Sunday, December 21, 2014

What Statue Dust! What Shadow Beast!

animation and dust added progress by Sergey Belyaev

medallions added using script/code SetUp by Nick Wolensky

RIP John Balge - comic book journalism pioneer and early patron of Dave Sim

Saturday, December 20, 2014

What Model Sheets! What Shadow Beast!

Nate Spidgewood  wanted to take a crack at putting a team together to do a 2D animation sequence for when Cerebus is hallucinating from the effects of the Lama Lotus. We already had a storyboard that Daniel Grant did on his own initiative as well. Nate asked Brian Andersen to make some model sheets, which just came in to my surprise. Wether the 2D portion happens or not these might still be helpful for the new "interview" scenes being added to the film.
(Click to enlarge)



rough concept layout render of Cerebus connected to Shadow Beast.
Medallions added too not that you can really see them:)

Currently rerunning "Sim & Steranko on Kirby!" on Cerebus TV

Friday, December 19, 2014

What Sanctuary scale and stairwell! What armchair and throne selections! What Wizardry!

Sanctuary environment progress and scale test by John Eyre
here's another reference John is working off of the underground stairwell

Latest on the film from Dave Sim - yes, he blogs every Friday!

also, here's an armchair for the new character he selected from some references faxed to him
and here's the reference for the throne the fax mentions that it will eventually be swapped out with
here are the selections in color

low res rough test render


Dave Sim on list of "Graphic Design Masters In Comics"

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What Sanctuary! What Giant Shoulders!

"The Sanctuary" environment modeling progress by John Eyre

Below floor plan of "the Sanctuary" by Oliver Simonsen approved by Dave. Since there are no references for the sidewalls John will improvise on those. As for the paintings on the wall Dave suggests using photoshop and that we can choose some from "Rick's Story" and also make them into Kickstarter bonus prints. If anyone has any favorite paintings they'd like to see from that Cerebus book let us know

rough test render

New review of "Cerebus: Church & State Vol II". From the article: "Sim and Gerhard were, quite simply, the greatest creative team ever to work in comics. This was their first masterpiece" 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

What Dave Sim Co-Director! What Glow Props!

Fax from Dave Sim (click to enlarge)





Dave Sim ponders: "What if it's a hit?" I have to agree that getting this far on the film was as Dave puts it "Extremely Unlikely, as well. As in: getting hit by a comet while purchasing a $3 million winning lottery ticket Extremely Unlikely."  Pretty sure it hasn't been done before

very rough test of glowing props and statue

The Beat spotlights holiday gift ideas from Cerebus environment artist Gerhard!

New Cerebus drawing will be available for the next Kickstarter campaign!

Dave Sim art auction of his drawings of Margaret ("Gone With the Wind") Mitchell

"Judenhass" inspires teacher to talk about Ferguson

Saturday, December 6, 2014

What Direction! What Test Rendering! What Trailer!

Direction on the film from Dave Sim has begun! We were admittedly never quite sure how best to proceed with the beginning text - it was more of a placeholder till now. Here's from his recent fax (click to enlarge)

rough render test
and here it is in a slight update to an old rough teaser idea

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Dave Sim the screenwriter! Dave will write a "framing device" for the Cerebus animated film!!
Bleeding Cool article on the casting call

Dave Sim art auction!

Gerhard redraws the Regency Hotel from the Cerebus High Society storyline! Prints available!

Acclaimed comic book artist Alex Robinson draws characters from the first 200 issues of CEREBUS!